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Dickstein: Go ahead Fred Wilpon - pour it on

Fred Wilpon's comments in the New Yorker magazine

Fred Wilpon's comments in the New Yorker magazine have created more unwanted distractions for the Mets. Photo Credit: Newsday / Thomas A. Ferrara

From the perspective of a Mets fan (long-suffering and so on), my gripe with the candid portrait of Fred Wilpon that emerged yesterday is that New Yorker writer Jeffrey Toobin appears to have left too many details in his notebook. Surely the Mets owner had more to offer than a few swipes at his star players. Surely he twisted the knife in other ways.

Given that we can only imagine what other targets Wilpon took on during that fateful loss to the Astros last month, here’s a glimpse into my mind:

Wilpon sipped from his glass of Tom Seaver’s GTS Cabernet Sauvignon, grimaced and spat it out. “It’s like vinegar,” he said. “Sh---y wine from a Hall of Fame pitcher is still sh---y.”

Wilpon saw Mr. Met taking a picture with a young girl. “Get away from that four-fingered freak!” he cried. “Guy’s a creep. Sh---y.”

A promo for an upcoming “Seinfeld” rerun flickered on a nearby TV screen. “A show about nothing?” Wilpon said. “If Jerry Seinfeld is a genius, he’s a sh---y one.”

A jet from LaGuardia roared above Citi Field.

“Queens,” he said with a sigh. “It’s got great Greek restaurants. But overall?


Max J. Dickstein (mdickstein [at] am-ny [dot] com and @amNYsports) is amNewYork’s sports editor.


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