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Dining by the numbers



Running a restaurant in New York City is no small feat. Actually, it’s pretty mind-boggling. As diners, rarely do we think about the sheer number of ingredients that chefs use nightly, weekly or yearly to make our culinary excursions possible. In the spirit of fact-finding, we asked some of our go-to restaurants to crunch some numbers about their establishments. While some of the results seem reasonable enough, others might surprise you. And they also might have you thinking a little differently about what it really takes to run a restaurant in New York City.                                                    

King Cole Bar at the St. Regis
1,200: martini olives served each week

2: Forks requested on an average night

Fresco by Scotto
810: Slices of pizza sold weekly

Salumeria Rosi Parmacotto
20,000: Slices of salami served each week

The Meatball Shop
1,666: Meatballs served on a weekday

Loreley Williamsburg
250: Soft pretzels served each weekend

Hill Country Barbecue
6,000: Wet naps dispensed each week

2nd Ave. Deli
2,000: Matzo balls a day

300: avocados used each night

Shake Shack
45 Minutes: The average amount of time you'll wait on line

150: Number of people who come in every day for the "Sex of the City" tour
65: Gallons of soy sauce used in a month
28,000: Total pounds of noodles prepared per year

Gente Ristorante
78: Baby artichokes served weekly, from Monday to Wednesday

5: Pounds of real grasshoppers used in a week


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