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DJ Mick Boogie shares his favorite music tips for NYC

DJ Mick Boogie

DJ Mick Boogie Credit: DJ Mick Boogie (Courtesy of Mick Boogie)

Jetsetting DJ Mick Boogie, who spins at private events for celebs such as Will Smith, Kanye West and Lebron James, drops his new mix tape release for Fashion Week, "Sounds From The Front Row Volume 5" for this week. He lives with his wife, fashion entrepreneur Rana Batyske, in Park Slope.

Q: What would you most like to see changed or accomplished in New York?

A: A totally smoke-free city would be an amazing accomplishment. People should have a choice to have clean, fresh air. Who wouldn't be for less pollution? I'm a clean-living guy. I don't smoke anything, I don't drink that much, and I like to eat healthy.

Q: What radio stations do you listen to?

A: I don't listen to radio. Every day, I have 15 songs in my in-box to check out, but I also listen to a lot of blogs, like Illroots, TheFader and Pigeonsandplanes. I also helped start a site, Mixstream, that curates all the best mix tapes and makes downloads super easy with no ads or viruses. It's free! I hope that's not too self promoting: We started it because we got tired of having to go to 10 different blogs just to find the best stuff.

Q: What clubs do you like?

A: I really like this club I work at, The Darby, at 14th and Eighth. They give you a lot of freedom on what to play and you can go from Rihanna to Led Zeppelin to James Brown. So many owners want you to play a certain kind of music - R & B, Top 40, house - but New York is a melting pot and New Yorkers have the best taste in music in the world. When all the diverse genres are allowed to cross-pollinate, you get a lot of cool stuff and a really dynamic experience. For live music, I like this place in Park Slope called Southpaw (ck). It's not glamorous or fancy - just a really, really awesome music spot that is really well curated, with all kinds of genres of music. I saw this set of all these hip hop artists from the '90s like Big Daddy Kane and Black Moon.

Q: Do you worry about going deaf?

A: Now that I'm getting more mature I'm definitely thinking about it and trying to keep the sound down lower in the booth. I might be getting some custom ear plugs, too. I used to bleed the system right into the red every night but now I'm a recovering volume abuser.

Q: What's the best investment a person can make in New York?

A: The time to explore all the awesome stuff that's here. Anyone can buy anything, but you can't buy time. My wife and I just love to walk New York. You can just start at the bottom of Manhattan and walk up and by the end of the day, you'll know more about music, and culture and fashion, than you did before. We live at the intersection of Park Slope, Fort Greene and Prospect Heights. . . We can set out in any direction and just find a whole different neighborhood with a different vibe.

Q: What secret do you know about New York?

A: That anything you want to do in Manhattan, you can do in Brooklyn - and sometimes better! You want to go out to dinner? My wife and I go to Buttermilk Channel - now everyone's talking about it because Beyonce went there when she was pregnant. And Bark on Bergen Street? The best gourmet hot dogs! We live near the new arena for the Nets: You don't even have to go into Manhattan for sports now.

Q: Finish this sentence: Being a New Yorker means. . . .

A: That no matter where you are in the world, you can't wait to get home.


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