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Doc charged with manslaughter in lipo death

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A doctor was indicted on manslaughter and other charges Thursday for “recklessly” performing liposuction on a heart transplant patient which killed her, according to prosecutors.

Dr. Oleg Davie, 51, is also charged with forgery for allegedly altering the intake forms of Isel Pineda, 51, in which the Manhattan resident revealed she received a heart transplant and was taking anti-rejection drugs.

Davie, who pleaded not guilty to manslaughter, reckless endangerment and forgery — was board certified in internal medicine “for 27 years” but not plastic surgery, according to his attorney, James DiPietro.

The New York State Department of Health restricted Davie’s practice in 2011 to minor cosmetic procedures only, due to past negligence.

He was also fined $100,000 and put on three years probation by the Bureau of Professional Medical Conduct for repeated negligence, mischaracterizing procedures and filing false reports, according to the Brooklyn District Attorney. The DA alleges that Pineda died of cardiac arrest, but DiPietro said “an Olympic athlete could go in and get liposuction and die from fat embolism syndrome.”

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