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Documentary Review: 'All In: The Poker Movie' -- 3 stars

Poker champ Chris Moneymaker in “All In: The

Poker champ Chris Moneymaker in “All In: The Poker Movie.” Photo Credit: Poker champ Chris Moneymaker in “All In: The Poker Movie.”

All In: The Poker Movie
3 stars

If you're already a hard-core poker player, chances are you're not going to learn all that much new information from Douglas Tirola's new documentary "All In: The Poker Documentary" - but maybe you'll see yourself in the background of one of the numerous poker tournaments.

But for people who don't know a flush from a straight, get ready to learn quite a deal from this fascinating film.

"All In" explores the roller-coaster popularity of the card game, from its massive surge during wartime to its lull in the '80s, to its incredible resurgence in popularity in the '90s through today.

Tirola assembles an impressive crew of talking heads to pontificate on the card game - from players like Chris Moneymaker and Henry Orenstein to celebs like Ira Glass and Matt Damon, who starred in "Rounders," considered by many (in this movie, especially) to be the best poker film ever made.

I can't say "All In" will make you drop everything and head to Vegas to play a round of Texas hold'em, but it'll certainly give you a greater appreciation for the game - and maybe for "Rounders."


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