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Don't forget the beer: Tales of Nemo in the Hudson Valley

"I'm going to shovel, I'm going to make a snowman, and I'm going to have great fun. It only comes, once. . .twice a year and you should enjoy it." says Myra Pienczykowsky, of Mount Vernon, who picked up a shovel at Home Depot in Yonkers to prep for the storm. (Feb. 8, 2013) Photo Credit: Elizabeth Daza

Maybe Hurricane Sandy raised the bar for all monster storms to come, because most Hudson Valley residents didn't seem too worried about winter storm Nemo, at least as of Friday afternoon.

True, people were stocking up on gasoline for generators and salt for their driveways. But as the weekend kicked off with the threat of a blizzard, beer and movies were pretty high on the agenda, as well.

Jean Figueroa, Yonkers

Figueroa, a property manager, was at the Home Depot in Yonkers, gathering supplies.

"We've been through a couple of blizzards, so I think we're pretty well established from the training that we've gotten from the other storms. We bought some gas tanks for our generators and shovels for our properties. There's not much you can really do during a blizzard. And I'm on call 24/7 for the tenants. So I plan on enjoying my Netflix account."

Myra Pienczykowsky, Mount Vernon

"I'm going to shovel, I'm going to make a snowman, and I'm going to have great fun. It only comes once, twice a year, and you should enjoy it," Pienczykowsky said.

Patrick Fahey, Yonkers

"My favorite thing about the storm is getting snowed in and staying in because you don't have to do anything else. You don't have to worry about work. You don't have to worry about, you know, going to the store. You just prep, and stay in, and go sleigh riding."

John Cato, Yonkers

"I plan on taking the kids out, making some snowmen, and taking them sledding," said Cato, encountered at the Home Depot in Yonkers. "I'm getting some shovels and some salt. Just to keep things a little ahead. Bracing for the storm basically."

When asked if he was nervous about the expected blizzard, Cato laughed.

"Nervous? For what? It's not our first storm."

Doug Geraci, Hopewell Junction

As the snow started pouring down, Geraci's pickup was one of two trucks at the massive salt houses maintained by East Fishkill public works department on Route 52.

"I've got my list," Geraci said. "Fuel for the generator, sand and salt for the driveway. Just split firewood this morning. So, I'm pretty much ready."

Oh, one more thing.

"Gotta pick up wine," he added. "And an 18-pack for me."

Benny Paonessa, Hopewell Junction

Paonessa dug a shovel into a massive mound of salt near Geraci's truck. He was filling buckets with the stuff, so he can scatter it on his driveway.

"It's the usual, you gotta get stuff for the generator, things like that, the salt and sand," Paonessa said.

Eleanor Willis, Chester

"We lost electricity during Sandy, so we're just getting prepared," said Willis, 25, who was getting gas at the Shell station on Route 17M in Chester Friday. "Hopefully we won't need to fire up the generator."

Her six-year-old daughter, Iris, got the day off from school.

"I like it," Iris said. "And I just got a new sled for Christmas."

Ron Manta, Sugar Loaf

Manta had hitched the snow plow to his truck on Thursday night and was eager to get to work clearing out snow for customers.

"It's going to be a long night," he said. "But a profitable one."

Barbara King, Chester

King, 52, was at ShopRite in Chester, where customers were scrambling to stock up on food and supplies at the last minute.

"I'm just picking up a few things," said King, an office worker who took the day off. "Then I'm heading home for the rest of the weekend. This one is looking really bad and I don't want to be on the road."

Steve Janison, Goshen

Janison, 64, was loading a new snowblower into the back of his pickup at the Tractor Supply Company in Chester.

"I was going to wait to buy one, but I've got a pretty long driveway and it sounds like we're going to get hammered," Janison said. "I'm too old to be shoveling snow."

Bill Berno, 25, Eastchester

Berno manages the Scarsdale Hardware Company in Scarsdale, where the line for the cash register never seemed to be longer than two people at any one time on Friday, but never seemed to end, either, as a steady stream of customers asked for everything from shovels to flashlights.

Berno said he had seen much longer lines Thursday night, at nearby gas stations.

"Everyone was pulling out their gas cans. The hurricane kind of scared people a little bit," he said. Memories of the massive power problems caused by Sandy seemed fresh in the minds of his own customers, as well.

"There have been a lot of people saying that we might get heavy, wet snow, and it might pull power lines down," Berno said. "So people are kind of grabbing everything that they can."

Michael Keating, 59, Scarsdale

Recently retired from the village's highway department, Keating wisecracked to the folks at Scarsdale Hardware that his top priority in preparing for the storm was making sure he had "a refrigerator full of beer."

But he did get around to a few other items.

"I made sure that the snowblower started, and I had some spare gas," he added. "And I checked my supply of ice melt."

Josh Kirschner, 10, White Plains

Kirschner was excited to learn Friday morning that the Solomon Schechter School in White Plains had canceled classes for the day. He was visiting Scarsdale Hardware with his dad, Ken, on his way to an afternoon of sledding with friends at Webb Field in Hartsdale.

"What I like about sledding in the snow? It depends on what we're doing," he said. "If we're going down a really steep hill, it's fun to go with multiple people. But if we're going on a bumpy one, it's good to go alone."

Would Josh have time for any shoveling?

"Maybe," he said.

"Probably," his father said.

Compiled by Elizabeth Daza, Timothy O'Connor, Christian Wade, and Chris Serico.

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