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Donald Trump mulls a move from New York to the White House

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Donald Trump is eying prime real estate: the White House.

The business tycoon famous for firing folks is hoping Americans would hire him as president in 2012, saying he’s “absolutely thinking about” campaigning.

“It’s probable that I won’t do it, but I can tell you, I’m thinking about it,” Trump said yesterday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

The “Apprentice” producer told Fox News Channel that he would run on the Republican line and slammed the country’s economic policies. “If we keep going like this, within 10 years, China is going to overtake us,” Trump said.

Fueling the discussion is a mysterious poll of New Hampshire voters that said posed 30 questions about the Donald, including how he’d fare in a political race. It was not known who conducted the poll, but Trump insisted it wasn’t him.

Trump, 64 and worth about $2 billion, has enough wealth and business savvy to run a race. He also has the advantage of being a Washington outsider, said Mahsa Saeidi-Azcuy, a former New York prosecutor and contestant on this season of “The Apprentice.”

“With Mr. Trump, what you see is what you get. It’s candor that appeals to people,” she said. “He came from very little and has become successful. People relate to that.”

 Other New Yorkers, however, had a hard time taking him seriously.

“He’d say he was running for dog catcher if it would get his name on the front page,” said John Johnston, 70, of midtown.

“He’s not remotely qualified,” said Victor Mak, 30, of Bayside. “And anyone who’s ever had a reality TV show should not run for president.”

Political experts also cast doubt on Trump’s chances.

Other billionaire candidates like California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman or Mayor Michael Bloomberg have major party support or political experience, but Trump has neither, said Baruch College political science professor David R. Jones.

Blogger “GottaLaff,” of, said Trump is disillusioned.
“I’m sure he actually is serious, but we’re not serious about him,” she said. “We’re pointing and laughing and saying, that hair won’t get you elected, baby.”
Trump could not be reached for further comment yesterday.

Emma Diab contributed to this story.



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