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Dorota Trec, accused bunny hoarder, angry animals being sold

More than 200 rabbits are up for adoption after a raid at the home of a New York City woman accused of bunny hoarding.

The ASPCA hopes to find good homes for about 50 rabbits at two Manhattan events on Dec. 12. The rest will be available at shelters.

The rabbits numbered 176 when they were seized from Dorota Trec’s Brooklyn backyard in January.

Officials said the animals were cold, underfed and disease-ridden.

Trec tells the New York Post that the rabbits were taken for no reason. But Howard Lawrence of the ASPCA Anti-Cruelty Group says the rabbits “are more than ready for the comforts of a permanent home.”

Each adopted rabbit will come with a cage and a water bottle and will be spayed or neutered for a $25 fee.

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