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Drug talk erased from Demi Moore's 911 call


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Apparently, we know all we're going to know about Demi Moore's alleged trip to the emergency room. is reporting that the 911 tape won't be particularly revealing, as there's going to be a good deal of redacted information, including the drugs she was using just before the emergency.

Law enforcement sources told the site that the L.A. city attorney is recommending that all references to drugs in the 911 conversation between the dispatcher and one of the actress' pals should be erased before being released to the public. The recommendation is based on patient privacy.

TMZ reported Wednesday that Moore, 49, was hospitalized after having a negative reaction to inhaling nitrous oxide, better known as suburban high school kids' favorite pastime, whip-its. Moore's soon-to-be ex-hubby, Ashton Kutcher, meanwhile, was reportedly partying (more specifically, "fist-pumping") at a Bruno Mars concert in Brazil at the time and refused to speak to photogs about the Demi situation.

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