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DSK: Sex with hotel maid 'consensual but stupid'


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Former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn says his sexual encounter with a New York hotel maid was "consensual but stupid" and cost him his chance to be the next French president, according to a biography out Thursday.

The book, written by Michel Taubmann who says Strauss-Kahn confided in him, covers sex scandals that have dogged the former French finance minister even after the assault case ended his career as IMF head and wrecked his chances of running in France's 2012 election.

"Nothing would have happened if I hadn't had this consensual, but stupid relationship with Nafissatou Diallo," Strauss-Kahn is quoted as saying in the book. "That day, I opened the door to all the other affairs."

He goes on: "I could have been in a position to be president ... Now, I'm no longer in that position, that's all," adding that he has an "uninhibited sex life."

Strauss-Kahn was arrested May 14 onboard a plane bound for Europe minutes before take-off and charged with attempting to rape Diallo.

Prosecutors eventually dropped all criminal charges, leaving him free to return to his native France. French prosecutors then ruled that a separate sexual assault complaint filed against Strauss-Kahn by a writer involved an incident that happened too long ago for legal action.

Still, the media frenzy around DSK hasn't stopped, as he was named in reports of a prostitution-ring probe in the north of France, known as the Carlton Affair.

"In the press, they link my name to prostitution. It's unbearable," he is quoted as saying in the book. "I did go to sex parties, it's true, but usually those who came to these soirees were not prostitutes."

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