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Eighth East Harlem blast victim identified

Firefighters try to put out a fire after

Firefighters try to put out a fire after an explosion and building collapse in East Harlem on Wednesday, March 12, 2014. The cause of the explosion, as well as reports of any injuries, had not yet been determined. Credit: EPA / Justin Lane

The eighth and final victim of last week's deadly explosion in East Harlem was identified Monday as being a 34-year-old woman from Japan, according to law enforcement officials.

Mayumi Nakamura died of "thermal injuries" from the gas explosion and resulting fire that consumed two five-story buildings just north of 116th Street and Park Avenue, said spokeswomen for the NYPD and the city medical examiner. It couldn't be determined Monday why Nakamura was in one of the buildings that were destroyed.

Also Monday, officials with the National Transportation Safety Board, which is the agency investigating the blast, said they expected to have a report as early as Tuesday about the result of pressure tests being conducted on the gas main and connecting lines to determine if there was a leak. Officials with the NTSB said that preliminary evidence pointed to a natural gas leak as being the proximate cause of the explosion. The NTSB is involved because natural gas lines are considered methods of transportation.

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