A fourth day of jury deliberations ended without a verdict Monday in the trial of former bodega stock boy Pedro Hernandez, who is accused of kidnapping and murdering 6-year-old Etan Patz in SoHo in 1979.

Hernandez told police he did it in a now-disputed 2012 confession. In notes, jurors asked for a site plan of the alley where Hernandez said he left the boy, which was actually a bakery in 1979, and the weather report on the day the boy disappeared, which was at variance with Hernandez's description.

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The defense contends Hernandez fantasized the crime in his confession due to a mental disorder. Jurors also asked for phone records of calls he made in 2012, when the NYPD dug up a SoHo basement looking for Patz evidence, to a relative he had been living with in 1979. Prosecutors say the calls are a sign of guilt.

Deliberations are scheduled to resume Tuesday.