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Everyone loves NY on New Year's - except NY


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The world flocks to celebrate New Year’s Eve in New York City, the Mecca of new beginnings.

For residents, however, the big event can be a world-class hassle: Price-gouging is rampant and it’s impossible to catch a cab, among other indignities.

Some just bail from a situation they see as no-win. But other hardy souls cope with strategies that range from avoidance to defensive dressing.

Lower East Side online editor Alexis Tirado, 30, feels the best strategy is to bolt.

“I leave on the 29th or 30th to go someplace else in the Northeast and don’t come back until it’s over,” Tirado said.

Kellie Johnson, 27, an architectural consultant, parties “as far away from Times Square as possible” — and knows to give her feet a break.

“You always wind up walking everywhere,” so it’s best to be prepared with a pair of flats, tucked into your purse or pocket, she explained.

Briana Green, 26, of East Williamsburg, is a committed party locavore, reasoning that the less traveling during the wee hours of a night, the less stress. Even then, says the marketing manager, it’s best to “double up on pantyhose. Wearing two pairs is a lot warmer.”

Of course, if you’re moving quickly, you don’t feel the chill.

Yael Granader, 27, a doctoral candidate who lives on the Upper East Side is at the Central Park Fun Run’s starting line at midnight.

“It’s a really fun alternative to going to a club and spending several hundred dollars,” plus you get a head start on your “get fit” resolution, she noted. No heels, no booze, no problem!

Brandon Reynoso, a 29-year-old fitness consultant from Washington Heights, doesn’t step out until after midnight. The Dominican custom is to “stay with the family until after midnight – it’s mandatory,” said Reynoso. Felicitously, the livery cab drivers are hitting the streets at the same time he sets off down town.

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