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Fall's new covetable new fragrances

Marc Jacobs Dot Eau de Parfum $48 (1

Marc Jacobs Dot Eau de Parfum $48 (1 oz.), $69 (1.7 oz.), $89 (3.4 oz.) Credit: Marc Jacobs Dot Eau de Parfum $48 (1 oz.), $69 (1.7 oz.), $89 (3.4 oz.)

What's in the air for fall? A whole lot of sandalwood-inflected scents, judging from autumn's new fragrance releases. But the fragrance mavens have also taken those who like floral and fruitier colognes into account with some girly-girl offerings reminiscent of gardens.

Bond No. 9 Manhattan Nights Eau de Parfum
You know what a Manhattan night is like: Expensive, unpredictable and always morphing into something other than what you expected. Manhattan Nights is much the same: It opens with an explosion of confident Oriental spices, including bergamot and nutmeg. Thirty minutes later, you notice its romantic jasmine and peach notes. Hours later, it's dried down to a sultry sandalwood with a wink of honeyed patchouli. Overall, it's an extremely complex, well-made scent for the woman who, like Manhattan, is ever-changing. $105 (50 ml.), $270 (100 ml.); at Bond No. 9, 9 Bond St., 212-228-1732 (avail. in September)

Jo Malone London Blackberry & Bay Cologne
Creator of Jo Malone's new scent Fabrice Pellegrin injected an aromatic, herbaceous tweak to this clever cocktail of fruit and cassis intended to evoke handfuls of fresh blackberries. Peppery, outdoorsy and drily sweet, Malone's latest unisex scent would be a berry good home fragrance as well. $60 (30 ml.), $125 (100 ml.); at Jo Malone London, 330 Bleecker St., 212-242-1454 (avail. in September)

Marc Jacobs Dot Eau de Parfum
Inspired by the designer's love of polka dots, Marc Jacobs' latest creation is a big bowl of fruit - with a rear guard of coconut coming up over the dragon fruit and a riot of flowers leading the way. The loopy black and red round bottle festooned with plastic Murakami-like ladybug discs is a giveaway to the desserty, long-lasting contents inside. $48 (1 oz.), $69 (1.7 oz.), $89 (3.4 oz.); at Bloomingdale's, 1000 Third Ave., 212-705-2000

Serge Lutens Santal Majuscule Parfum
Serge Lutens aficionados know that this niche perfumer specializes in intense, heady scents. Lutens' latest is a doozy - a dark dream of sandalwood and cocoa dancing in a tobacco-filled head shop with patchouli-scented gypsies. A tiny whiff of Turkish rose is tucked into his woody, Oriental, leathery brew. $140 (50 ml.); at Barneys New York, 660 Madison Ave., 212-826-8900

Elie Saab Le Parfum Eau de Toilette
Elie Saab's sparkling, decidedly feminine interpretation of orange flowers is a greener, more astringent neroli interpretation than the orange flower offerings of Jo Malone and Laura Mercier. While there are hints of gardenia, jasmine and rose honey in the Lebanese couturier's fizzy creation (intended to reprise his childhood olfactory memory of blooming mandarin flowers), it is lighter on the cedar notes - which emerge after an hour or so - and more understated than his heavier Le Parfum Eau de Parfum. $75 (1.6 oz.), $105 (3 oz.); at Saks Fifth Avenue, 611 Fifth Ave., 21-753-4000

Ineke Hothouse Flower Eau de Parfum
Perfumer Ineke Ruhland greens up her dominant gardenia concoction with an opening reveille of an Earl Grey/bergamot note, followed by a cadenza of galbanum, fig, absinthe and cypress. Yes, it smells just like a hothouse in a botanical garden - a welcome reminder of warmth and flowers in the coming cold days. $95 (2.5 oz.); at Henri Bendel, 712 Fifth Ave., 212-247-1100 (avail. in October)

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