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Fall treats: 7 snacks with less than 80 calories



We usually eat light in hot weather and heavy in cool weather — or so the story goes. Well, we’d like to challenge that notion. Just because we can hide under bulky sweaters when the temperature drops doesn’t mean we have to pack on the pounds or forgo comforting eats. Here, certified fitness trainer and nutritionist Jay Cardiello, above, gives us seven “cold-weather” snacks, all under 80 calories.

Unsweetened applesauce sprinkled with cinnamon

Amount: ½ cup

A great afternoon snack. Be sure to choose unsweetened applesauce, though.

Lean roast beef with horseradish sauce

Amount: 1 ounce beef, 1 tablespoon sauce

A solid source of protein.

Beck’s Light Beer or Miller Genuine Draft 64

Amount: 1 bottle

Great options for low-calorie tippling.

Roasted pumpkin seeds

Amount:  1½ tablespoons

Pumpkin seeds are a natural source of carbs, amino acids and unsaturated fatty acids. They’re also known to have many health benefits from prostate cancer and osteoporosis.

Pomegranate seeds

Amount: ½ cup

Antioxidants from pomegranates prevent a wide range of diseases, including cancer and cardiovascular disease. Vitamins and minerals from the fruit make your immune system stronger, while its calcium and phosphorus strengthen the bones and enhance the function of brain cells.

Gingerbread Cake 

Amount: 1 small slice

Choose desserts that are low in calories and fat and rich in fibers and vitamins.  Gingerbread is a fine option.


Amount: 1 ounce

Licorice has an active ingredient called glycyrrhetinic acid, which has been shown to help reduce body-fat mass and quell your appetite.

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