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Falling into home decor: How to get your place ready for autumn

Fall home decor

Fall home decor Credit: Decorate your couch will throw pillows in thick fabrics and fun autumnal colors

Whether you like it or not, the cold is coming, and while you pack away your summer sandals and get out your warm jackets, you’ll likely realize that those seashells and bamboo floor mats might not be the right home décor for the new season.

We collected tips from two of our favorite interior designers on how to decorate and cozy up your home for the fall.

From room to room, our designers recommend creating a sense of warmth in your home.

For example, change the towels in your bathroom, recommends Katrina Szish, a contributing editor at and a TV personality.

“Maybe you just want to get a variety that’s fluffier and a deeper shade, then get a shower curtain to match,” she said.

Add decorative pillows and a throw blanket to your bed with textures such as velvet, fur and wool, she said, and “get a new sheet set, something in flannel, something in a deeper color.”

One of her favorite pieces for fall décor is a creamy white faux-fur throw blanket she purchased from Restoration Hardware.

“Richer fabrics,” Szish explained, “almost make you feel warm and cozy when you look at them.”

Betsy Helmuth of Affordable Interior Design said the entryway is an important part of the home in the colder months because you tend to bring the weather inside with you.

“It’s always nice to get a new entry mat or rug,” she said, but keep in mind that New York City fire codes require you to keep your mats inside your apartment.

Go for a jute or sisal rug to trap the dirt and leaves — ranging from $18 to $100 on — “because not only is it low in pile so it’s not going to stop your door completely, but it’s also natural fiber so you can hose it off,” Helmuth said.

Throughout the home, she said, decorate with warm metals (a hot trend this season) such as gold, brass and copper. A favorite item of hers right now is a gold lacquer tray from West Elm to use as a place to put keys, mail and gloves.
“Even incorporating just one piece of warm metal, it’s amazing how it just brightens and heats up, visually, a room,” she said.

In addition to warm metals, Pantone, a New Jersey-based company that is largely credited with picking the colors for the season’s fashion, chose olive and teal for autumn.

“So when you’re using green this fall, as you should be, olives and teals are where you’re going to not only find a large selection in the stores but also be on trend,” Helmuth said.
Incorporating patterns often found in menswear, such as houndstooth and pinstripe, into wool or other heavier fabric or upholstery is also hot right now, she said.

“A lot of times people want to stay with neutrals,” Helmuth added, “but instead of going with gray, in the fall I like warmer colors ... like a beige or a cream” in throw pillows, curtains and blankets.

“People are more focused now than ever on making their home reflect their personal style,” Szish said, so this fall “get a little bit of personal style inspiration from your closet.”

She agreed on the trendiness of olive, adding that emerald green and oxblood red are both also big in fashion.

“It doesn’t need to be bright pumpkin colors and brown and marigolds,” Szish said.

“Using leaves, just sprinkling them on a table when you’re entertaining or even on your mantel or on a bookcase,” is a great way to bring that autumn foliage we all love into your home, Helmuth said..

“So just grab a handful of colorful leaves from Central Park and you can sprinkle it on your table and put the platters that you’re using to entertain on top of it,” she said.

Szish said another good way to bring the outside in is with scents.

“I think you really just almost want a little bit of an outdoorsy smell,” she said.

She recommends going to and picking out some musky smells — balsam fir, pine, red cedar or pine.

And step outside your comfort zone: Go for some incense instead of candles this year.

“It’s subtle,” she said of incense, “but it just again kind of makes you feel like you’ve got that crisp outdoorsy vibe, and especially living in the city, it’s nice to have that connection to nature.”

And if you want to splurge, the glamorous Paris Costes Hotel’s famous brown candle and room spray — with hints of coriander, white pepper, rose and incense — is available at

While the candles go for $89, Szish said they last for years.

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