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Fallon fesses up about awards show

Jimmy Fallon will go from “Late Night” to prime time when he hosts the Emmys on Sunday.
amNewYork spoke with the comedian about the show in a conference call.

What is your theme for this year’s show? We’re going to do something different this year at this Emmys that no one’s ever done. We’re going to do the exact same show that Neil Patrick Harris did last year, word for word. And it’s still up in the air if that is actually going to happen. We might not do it.

Do you have a favorite in the variety category, in which Conan O’Brien is up against your old show, “Saturday Night Live”? The Academy told me I can’t. I’m not allowed to gamble this year. It’s some Pete Rose clause. And so I can’t legally say who I’m rooting for. But if Conan does win, I’m sure he’ll say something really funny.

Will Betty White be attending? Betty White will be attending. Hopefully, she’s not drunk, please, dear Lord. But she’s a classy lady and she’s a great sport.  

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