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Fandemodium at Beyoncé's São Paulo show


Beyonce Credit: Beyonce (Getty)

One Beyoncé fan went a little too far with his love of the songstress.

Queen Bey was pulled off stage by an overly aggressive fan during her concert in São Paulo, Brazil, on Sunday night — and the whole thing was caught on a video posted on YouTube.

While singing her hit tune “Irreplacable,” Beyoncé reached down into the audience to shake some hands, when a male fan reached up, grabbed the gorgeous singer and pulled her into the audience.

A quicker-than-lighting security guard pulled Beyoncé back up onto the stage, and — get this — she never missed a beat, continuing to sing her tune throughout the ordeal.

Earlier this summer, the 32-year-old had another on-stage mishap when her long tresses got stuck in a large fan on stage in Canada. 

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