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Fans just financed Zach Braff's new movie 'Wish I Was Here'

Zach Braff

Zach Braff Credit: Zach Braff (Getty Images)

Zach Braff's fans raised over $2 million for his new movie in under a week, as the actor and director turned to Kickstarter to finance his upcoming movie “Wish I Was Here.”

Braff announced his project on the crowd-sourcing site on April 24.

“I was about to sign a typical financing deal in order to get the money to make ‘Wish I Was Here,’ my follow up to ‘Garden State.’ It would have involved making a lot of sacrifices I think would have ultimately hurt the film,” Braff wrote.

After witnessing fans’ support for the Kickstarter-funded “Veronica Mars” movie, Braff decided to avoid big studio deals and have fans fund his project.

In just five days, over 30,000 supporters donated over $2 million, exceeding Braff’s goal 25 days before the fundraising drive concludes.

Braff rewarded supporters for their donations. Backers who contributed $200 or more had their names graffitied onto a filming location. One fan donated $10,000 in exchange for a speaking role in the film.

"Dear Fans, I cannot believe your unbelievable support for WIWH,” Braff tweeted on Friday. “I wish I could hug each and every one of you." 

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