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Fans react to crushing women's World Cup defeat


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Japan shocked soccer fans worldwide yesterday by taking down the mammoth U.S. women's team in the World Cup Finals, securing the country's first-ever title in an emotional victory for the earthquake-ravaged nation.

Despite the U.S. team's domination for much of the game, normal time ended with a tie at 2-2. After two scoreless extra periods, the teams went to a penalty-kick shootout, which Japan easily won 3-1, bringing a crashing halt to the U.S.'s dramatic journey to the finals.

"The team played an amazing game and really dominated throughout, and the Japanese just got lucky on the shoot-out," said Sarah Hiance, 24, of Harlem who watched the game at Stout in midtown. "They played a very good game and ... just didn't finish well."

Still, she said that the U.S. team's performance is something the whole country was inspired by.

"The tournament gave people something to rally for," Hiance said. "This really puts a stamp in U.S. soccer. It's humbling, and I think we all can be really proud of the girls."

Tyler Chen, 33, of Manhattan, agreed, adding that the whole Cup has been an emotional journey for U.S. soccer fans.

"It was a really heartfelt tournament with a lot of great emotional ups and downs," said Chen, who has been following it the whole time. "They really played great, they've been a feel-good story throughout. It just wasn't meant to be, I guess."

Added Scott Schneier, 38, of Brooklyn: "Maybe for a weekend or two this gave people something to kind of take their minds off everything else that's going on. It was kind of nice."

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