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Fantasy Football: How to get the most out of receivers

Roddy White #84 of the Falcons makes a

Roddy White #84 of the Falcons makes a catch against Josh Norman #24 of the Panthers. (Getty) Credit: Roddy White #84 of the Falcons makes a catch against Josh Norman #24 of the Panthers. (Getty)

The toughest position to predict week in and week out is usually WR. While the QB will have the ball in his hands almost every play and teams usually ensure their RBs get some carries, even top receivers can seem like the centerpiece of their offense one week only to fade into what Mike Tyson called "Bolivian" the next.

This season, the perfect example of this has come in Atlanta, where Julio Jones and Roddy White seem to be rotating games as the apple of QB Matt Ryan's eye.

Both are so good you can never take either out of your lineup for fear that they will put together a performance like White did this week (169 yards, 2 TDs). But fantasy owners also have to accept that there will be other weeks like the one Julio Jones had in Week 2 (14 yards, 0 TDs).

So, what can you do as a fantasy owner with a WR like that on your roster? You could try trading for a WR who doesn't have to share his targets with other great WRs, but that comes with risk too.

In Buffalo, Steve Johnson looks like the only legitimate option for QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, but that didn't stop him from disappearing against the Patriots this week. And Steve Smith hasn't scored a TD yet, despite predicting that his Carolina offense would score twice as many points as last year.

So, while consistency is usually something to be admired in fantasy football, at WR you are often better off not overreacting to one bad game and sticking with your studs.

Alex Case is amNY's fantasy football columnist.

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