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Fashion Week: Milly fall 2011 show report


milly Credit: Getty

Thoroughly modern was Milly's fall collection, which was a delight to behold.

Never one to shy away from color, designer Michelle Smith embraced a jewel-toned palette, mixing colors in cool almost psychadelic ways.

The silhouettes — modern yet sophisticated — had an uptown, distinctly "Gossip Girl" appeal, with luxe gold-buttoned cape coats over chic little dresses, and tights blending shades of red, green, salmon and purple. Felt floppy hats sat atop models' heads while sweet chain purses dangled from their shoulders. More neutral colors followed, with well-placed fur accents.

The models' loose, flowing hair was a pleasant change from the severe styles that have ruled this week's runways.

"Don't these clothes make you want to toss that black jacket?" our seatmate (a stranger, by the way) seriously whispered to us during the finale. Actually, it did.

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