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FBI eyed George Steinbrenner in Watergate scandal


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The FBI reportedly had an “extreme interest” in interviewing late Yankees owner George Steinbrenner during the 1970s Watergate scandal — and it wasn’t to talk baseball.

Four hundred pages of documents released Thursday for the first time show that the FBI wanted to know more about The Boss’ campaign contributions to President Richard Nixon.

“This investigation is to be afforded highest priority and security,” wrote FBI Director Clarence M. Kelley, according to the New York Daily News.
Steinbrenner, however, dodged the authorities, with his office telling a special agent on four occasions that he was not available, according to a 1973 FBI memo.

In 1974, Steinbrenner pleaded guilty to giving illegal donations to Nixon re-election campaign. He was fined $15,000 and was suspended from baseball for 15 months. His FBI file was first requested by various news organizations following his death in July.


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