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Five resume-less ways to earn money fast

In a bold move to overcome hardship and make some money, Patricia Blagojevich, wife of disgraced former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich, swallowed a tarantula, and crawled through a muddy pit in Costa Rica.

Of his wife’s appearance on “I’m a Celebrity… Get me out Of Here,” Mr. Blagojevich told the New York Times, “She has to feed her kids.”

Here are some less courageous — and less gross — ways to make money if you are running out of ideas and cash. You can start tomorrow.

1. Sell your hair
If you have hair that’s long, untreated, and strong, cut it, measure it, take a photo, and put it up for sale.
How: Go to, fill out a description form, upload a photo of your hair, and post the listing right away for free. Another alternative is, where you pay $20.00 for a 3-month ad, write up the description and send it to along with 2 photos
Pay: $300-$900, depending on length

2. Volunteer for jury duty
Remember that Pauly Shore movie? That could be you. Believe it or not, you can actually volunteer to do what many employed New Yorkers dread — jury duty.
How: Go to, fill out the questionnaire, and send it to the juror’s office (address on the Web site) together with a letter expressing your wish to volunteer. Wait time up to two months.
Pay: $40/day

3. Distribute party flyers
Spearhead the promotion of NYC nightlife. Wait for the club kids to pour out from behind the throbbing doors each night, and let them know what the future has in store for them.
How: First, you might want to try But to work your way toward an individual promoter go to one of the city nightclubs around 5 am on a weekend and find out how the real party flyer distributor guys do it (they will unquestionably be there, by the entrance)
Pay: $13/hour

4. Gentelman: Sell your sperm
Be your own boss, work when you want, and donate up to three times a week.
How: Make sperm donations to the California Cryobank in Manhattan, at 30 Park Avenue. For more information go to
Pay: $100 per donation, with benefits such as movie tickets and gift certificates

5. Become a lab rat
This doesn’t necessarily involve taking tons of drugs and passing out. You might get a free MRI, or be asked a few dozen questions about your reaction to the red and green tomatoes.
How: Get in touch with the following universities and hospitals: NYU (; Columbia University (212-543-0483); and
New York Presbyterian hospital (
Pay: $10/hour and way up



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