(Photo: AP)

Former New York Rep. Eric Massa’s mess just keeps getting dirtier. A House vote Thursday referred a probe into whether Democrats covered up Massa’s allegedly lewd behavior — which the married, ex-upstate lawmaker wrote off as tickle fights — to an ethics committee.

It remains to be seen whether the investigation will go forward, but 50-year-old Massa can’t escape scrutiny as lurid reports of his kinky behavior piles up. Here’s a look at Massa’ strange saga:

* The Corning Democrat resigned last Monday amid allegations he made unwanted sexual advances toward a male aide. In an interview with Glenn Beck, Massa claimed it was nothing more than “salty” language and “tickling.”

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* A man who served with Massa in the Navy told Atlantic Monthly the ex-Congressman tried to undo the pants of a sleeping shipmate and “snorkel” him, a sexual act. He said Massa imposed his “Massa massages” on subordinates.

* Five young male staffers reportedly were forced to bunk with Massa in his Capitol Hill rowhouse. Massa hired a large number of young gay aides, according to the Daily News, and paid some such paltry salaries that they were forced to live with him in the frat-like atmosphere.