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Former Sarah Palin aide dishes dirt in new memoir

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin Credit: Getty Images

Armed with more than 60,000 emails as “proof,” former Sarah Palin aide Frank Bailey depicts his former boss as a reactionary, unethical power-hungry narcissist in his memoir out today.

In “Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin,” Bailey details how he and other staffers grew disillusioned and tired of their exigent boss’ knack for allegedly breaking the rules. Bailey worked for the former Alaska governor and possible presidential hopeful from 2005 to 2009.

Palin’s camp slammed the book as fiction.

“Gov. Palin suspended Bailey and refused to hire Bailey when he sought a position on her vice presidential campaign staff … (he)has an axe to grind and abandoned truth in his book,” SarahPAC spokesman Tim Crawford told

Some allegations and revelations of note include:

• Wanted to resign as governor in February, 2009 to explore lucrative offers, but waited until July 2009 because she couldn’t come up with a good excuse.

• In 2006, Palin illegally got help from the Republican Governors Association for her gubernatorial campaign, including financing for a commercial.

• In May 2006, when her husband Todd was told that a pornographic photo of Sarah was circulating (it turned out to be fake), he was unfazed, saying, “Well, she walks around the house with her robe open and with all those windows we have, well, you know.”

• Bailey recalls one instance in which a crying Bristol called her mom, and he watched as Palin rolled her eyes and rushed her off the phone.

• While running for governor, Palin wrote letters to the editor for newspapers supporting her candidacy and got others to claim authorship.

• After a neighbor complained to authorities about tourists near the governor’s mansion in 2009, Palin had her daughter Piper open a lemonade stand nearby, and then criticized the neighbor for attacking “children at play.” Some conservative blogs then smeared the neighbor, sometimes with talking points from the Palin camp.

• A friend questions why Palin wears glasses despite having Lasik surgery. Bailey implies it is to appear more intelligent.

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