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John Sampson disbarred, was former state Senate leader

John Sampson is seen in a file photo.

John Sampson is seen in a file photo. Credit: Patrick E. McCarthy

Former state Senate leader John Sampson has been disbarred for ignoring the suspension of his law license following his conviction last year on corruption charges in federal court in Brooklyn for obstruction of justice and making false statements to the FBI.

The state Appellate Division in Manhattan, in a ruling Tuesday, said Sampson’s license was suspended in March due to his federal convictions, but 12 days later he appeared in Brooklyn Family Court with a client on a child custody matter without telling the judge, a referee or adversaries he had been suspended.

The court said Sampson claimed he intended to withdraw, but nonetheless held himself out as an attorney and negotiated on the custody matter. It found he had engaged in the unauthorized practice of law and ordered his name “stricken from the rolls of attorneys” immediately.

Sampson is scheduled to be sentenced on his federal convictions on Jan. 18.

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