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Frigid temperatures headed to NYC for Tuesday



If you don’t have a scarf and gloves get some ... now.

The city is getting socked with brutally cold weather Tuesday, with a high expected of just 10 degrees.

From Monday, the temperature is expected to plummet about 35 degrees.

“We’re looking at bitter cold temperatures accompanied by strong winds,” said National Weather Service meteorologist Gary Conte. Wind gusts are expected to reach up to 40 mph, leaving a wind chill of -17.

The NWS has issued a hazardous weather advisory for strong wind and dangerous wind chill until 6 p.m. Tuesday, urging residents to use extra caution while driving. The advisory also warned those who venture outdoors to protect themselves from frostbite and hypothermia.

Tuesday’s forecast may break the record for New York City’s coldest Jan. 7, Conte said. The lowest temperature previously measured on this date was six degrees, a record set in 1896.

This latest winter weather is part of an arctic cold front currently sweeping the Midwest and Northeast portions of the country. Cities across the Midwest and South reported record lows Monday, a Weather Channel report said, with thousands of canceled flights disrupting air traffic nationwide.

As for what’s ahead, the Big Apple can look forward to “a lot of variability, a lot of extremes,” Conte said. Temperatures will pick up again by Wednesday, with a high of 23 degrees, and are expected to climb as high as 45 degrees by Saturday.

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