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Gang Green fans make own rallying rap songs


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Forget football. Jets and Steeler fans can now fight over who has the better rallying rap song.

A radio personality and New Jersey rapper have spoofed Wiz Khalifa’s song for the Steelers, “Black and Yellow,” with their own bragging tributes to Gang Green.

In his hip-hop ditty, “Green and White,” Rapper TwonDon praises the team’s colors, while 92.3 NOW host Chunky proclaims “mad love” for Mark Sanchez — so “who needs Favre?” — in his “J-E-T-S” rap.

“White helmet, green paint, I hear they scared of us, but them points ain’t,” Chunky cheesily chants.

Chunky’s song has fumbled with listeners, however.

A 92.3 poll shows most listeners prefer TwonDon’s battle cry over Chunky’s. And TwonDon’s song is crushing the radio host on YouTube with 54,000 views, compared to 3,400 for Chunky.

Still, it doesn’t matter whether people love or hate it, said Joe Cingrana, managing editor of

“The reason Chunky did it was to get people excited about the game,” he said.


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