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George Clooney jokes: I spend hours on my hair!


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It takes a lot of work for George Clooney to look so good! Or so he joked at Tuesday night's National Board of Review of Motion Picture Awards, held at Cipriani 42nd Street

"I take hours just to glue on my hair!" the 50-year-old actor - who took home the evening's Best Actor award - laughed about his perfect salt-and-pepper 'do.

Well, even a flawless coif can't distract from the obvious competition at Sunday's Golden Globes, where Clooney will be pitted against pals Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling for the Best Actor prize. That said, Clooney said he's keeping things friendly and plans to buy the winner a celebratory drink.

"I'm just happy they are all there, because they are good friends of mine," said Clooney, whose gal pal, Stacy Keibler, 32, walked the black carpet with him Tuesday.

But if Clooney does take home the award, having friends at the ceremony may wrack his nerves just a tad: "I think you are always somewhat nervous. You're nervous about the idea of having to speak in public, because that's always a little intimidating, particularly in front of friends, because you don't want to sound like an idiot."

Oh, George - you couldn't sound like an idiot if you tried!

(Reporting by Elisa DiStefano/News 12 Long Island (@ElisaDiStefano))

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