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Giambattista Valli officially awarded 'Haute Couture' appellation



Tres formidable: Giambattista Valli is officially a couturier.

The Federation Francaise de la Couture has awarded the Italian-born designer with the "Haute Couture" appellation, following a meeting at the Ministry of Industry on Dec. 16., the brand announced Tuesday.

Although the fashion house did present at last season's haute couture shows in Paris, it did so as a guest member.

Valli is now among the few houses holding the ultra-prestigious distinction, and will be registered on the official spring 2012 Haute Couture calendar, which occurs Jan. 23-26.

The "Haute Couture" appellation is legally protected and only is given if a design house meets a number of extremely high standards, most of which have to do with craftsmanship and exclusive bespoke pieces.

Interestingly - and quite conversely - Valli partnered with Macy's earlier this year for a line of moderately priced apparel.

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