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Giants confident in their 'Super' destiny as 49ers game looms

Mario Manningham #82 of the Giants celebrates touchdown

Mario Manningham #82 of the Giants celebrates touchdown pass against Packers. (Getty) Credit: Mario Manningham #82 of the Giants celebrates touchdown pass against Packers. (Getty)

The Giants are so close to the Super Bowl, they may think they're facing the "XLIXers" on Sunday.

But before they go all Roman numeral, the Giants will have to get past the San Francisco 49ers in Sunday's NFC Championship Game. Having already sunk the top-seeded Green Bay Packers, Big Blue is riding a crest of confidence just one victory away from a trip to Indianapolis.

"We're not going to be denied," safety Antrel Rolle told reporters yesterday.

The sound-bite-dropping defender shied away at first from calling the Giants "unbeatable," but it took him less than five seconds to abandon that kind of false modesty.

"Our mind-set is extreme at this point," he said. "We're not going to be denied - that's our mind-set. I might be a little biased, but in our minds we can't be beat, and that's the approach we're taking."

The Giants have won a season-high four straight games - all of them virtual or actual do-or-die games. And they're doing it mercilessly, with an average victory margin of 17.8 points.

 "We're riding on a lot of momentum, a lot of confidence, and it's great to play with that," said star wide receiver Victor Cruz. "We're a scary team right now because of the confidence that we're playing with, and the amount of integrity and passion we're playing with."

The Giants lost 27-20 at San Francisco on Nov. 14, although they were driving for the game-tying touchdown in the final minute and outgained the 49ers by 190 yards.

"We understood that they were a team that we could potentially see again - and we wanted to see again - in this situation," Cruz said. "We got what we asked for. ... We understood that if we saw them again, it could be a different outcome. We wanted that opportunity."

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Heading to San Francisco for the big game? Here's what it's going to cost you:

• Game ticket: From the mid-$300s to around $2,500

• Round-trip plane ticket: $350 and up

• Hotel: From around $150 per night

• Giants jersey to shove in 49ers fans' faces: From $84.99

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