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Girl gone missing: Is Casey Anthony in California?

Casey Anthony

Casey Anthony Credit: Getty Images

Elusive Casey Anthony could be in Southern California after a two-day attempt to throw the media off her trail following her release from jail, according to published reports.

Anthony, 25, was acquitted in Orlando of killing her 2-year-old daughter Caylee earlier this month. Her attorneys, fearing for Anthony's safety, have kept her whereabouts unknown given the vitriol about the verdict.

But after an alleged false sighting in Orlando Tuesday, a private plane thought to carry Anthony was tracked to California's Orange County, reports said.

Still, if she's there she could already be gone, as that same plane then flew to Louisiana and later Florida, the Daily News reported.

"I can't comment on where she is for security reasons, but she's in very good hands," her former attorney Todd Macaluso told the Daily News. "We managed to get her out and managed to confuse the entire media network of the United States."


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