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Go "underground" at these supper clubs

Studiofeast (David Christiansen)

Studiofeast (David Christiansen)

“Supper clubs” may conjure up images of secret codes, illegal foods and hidden doors, but here in Gotham, they are mostly legitimate private dining events held regularly by top-notch chefs at undisclosed locations.

Many diners prefer the social vibe, small intimate settings and the communal-table setting often found at these clubs.

While getting to one of these dinners is not as cloak-and-dagger as it might seem, prospective diners do have to get on mailing lists or join a membership.

amNewYork rounded up some of the supper clubs and their respective websites so you too can go “underground.”

New York Bite Club
Members lucky enough to snag a seat at NYBC’s monthly events are treated to a multi-course tasting of contemporary American cuisine. Their upcoming Valentine’s Day dinner, which will include luxuries such as caviar and foie gras, was sold out in half an hour. Can’t snag that reservation? Daniel and Alicia, owner and chef of NYBC will also cater events in your home.
Cost: Varies from $60 to $100, BYOB.

Four Course Vegan
For years, Chef Matteo Silverman has been serving vegan food at his Williamburg loft on a weekly basis. Diners gather in a communal atmosphere that has been described as “part dinner party and part underground dining” by Nikki Jong of Menuism, an online dining guide. While the food is decidedly raw vegan, Silverman attracts a fair share of non-vegan, which says a lot about how good the food tastes.
Cost: $40 per person.

Brooklyn Edible Social Club
Founded by Andres Valbuma, a chef who’s worked at French Laundry and Gordon Ramsay at the London, this Brooklyn-based supper club holds artisanal greenmarket-based dinner parties several times a month. Diners get a five-course meal, each highlighting a seasonal ingredient, prepared with the professionalism of a formal restaurant. Like other supper clubs, Valbuma also caters and hosts brunches.
Cost: $75 for dinner; $35 for brunch.

Founded in 2007, this underground eating club serves up innovative multi-course tastings that rival the gastronomic fares of four-star Manhattan restaurants. Founder Mike Lee’s last dinner party, held in 2010, was a six-course tasting menu with dishes inspired by responses from a question on his website “You’re about to die, what’s your last meal?” Members are already looking to more in 2011. The next dinner party is set for Feb. 13.
Cost: from $60 to $150 per person.

Chaos Cooking
Chaos Cooking is more a cooking club than a supper club. Founder Joe Che got the idea from cooking with his family around the holidays and decided to turn it into a 70-person event. Each guest brings the main ingredients he/she wants to cook, plus two bottles of wine, and Che provides the Brooklyn space and the crowd. The result: a mix of unexpected food, wine and an easy social vibe that most supper clubs strive for.
Suggested Donation: $5.






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