MTA police stopped a Grand Central Terminal-bound train for a few minutes Friday afternoon after riders complained about a group of some two dozen beer-drinking teenagers who were pre-gaming for the Governor's Ball festival at Randall's Island.

Conductors aboard the New Haven Line train contacted MTA police a few minutes after 3 p.m., as the train was headed through lower Westchester County's Sound Shore area, saying they were unable to control the large group, which was fanned out across two railroad cars, according to MTA spokeswoman Marjorie Anders, as well as a passenger who boarded the train from the Port Chester station.

Two MTA train patrol officers, who ride the system's lines to provide a visible police presence, had the train stopped at the Fordham station, where they asked the teenagers to step out, Anders said.

The witness, a Port Chester resident, said the teenagers initially tried to evade the cops by moving into adjacent rail cars, but police were able to get them all off the train.

"When the train arrived at Fordham it was delayed a few minutes and [the MTA officers] dealt with the situation, which did involve confiscating the alcohol" and "calming down" the teenagers, Anders said.

The kids were not of legal drinking age, she said.

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After letting the teens back aboard, police stopped the train briefly for a second time at the 125th Street station to make sure the kids weren't acting up again.

The teenagers told police they were headed to the Governor's Ball on Randall's Island, a music festival headlined by Kanye West, Nas and Guns 'n Roses, which kicks off Friday night with the band Kings of Leon.

No one was arrested and passengers did not report any more disturbances for the rest of the trip, Anders said.