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Grisly finds in Prospect Park

For two weeks, parkgoers have been baffled by dead animals showing up in and around Prospect Park Lake.

“This morning we found a dead blackbird and what looked like an opossum in the water,” said Brooklyn resident Anne-Katrin Titze, Thursday “We saw chicken heads floating in the water near the shoreline where children were playing.”

Titze and her companion, Ed Bahlman, have been documenting the the grisly incidents since they saw blood on a rock near the lake two weeks ago. They began finding entrails that looked like they came from larger animals like pigs, as well as what appeared to be butchered chicken carcasses. Titze said she’s spotted at least 15 chicken heads.

“I’ve never seen anything like this,” said Bahlman, a lifelong Brooklyn resident.
On Tuesday, they saw the first dead opossum in the water, as well as dead fish, and both speculated that the chicken parts poisoned the lake.

Titze said a Parks Department worker cleaned up the entrails last week but the chicken heads were still there Thursday.

A spokeswoman for the Parks Department said Thursday: "We're looking into it."

“It’s disgusting,” Titze said. "It’s March now and people are coming back to the park.”

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