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Guitar strap style



You need a guitar to rock. Period.

But accessories, besides being fun to play with, can help define your rock ‘n’ roll image. Not everyone gives a lot of thought to the humble guitar strap, but these guys have made a signature strap a part of their look.


Ace Frehley: Almost as recognizable as his Spaceman makeup, Frehley’s signature lightning bolt strap has always been an important part of his look. He designed it — and the Kiss logo — himself.







David Gilmour: Gilmour currently uses the leather cross-stitch strap that once belonged to Jimi Hendrix. It was given to him as a 60th birthday present in 2006.








Jimi Hendrix: Hendrix, of course, was a man of many looks and styles. This famous Ace strap (visible over his right shoulder — remember, he’s a leftie) was the one that he wore at Woodstock. It’s currently owned be the Hard Rock Café.






Dave Navarro: The Jane’s Addiction guitarist pissed off Luis Vuitton big time with this LV knock-off strap. In 2008, the designer sent Navarro a cease-and-desist — after he had been performing with the strap for eight years.







Willie Nelson: Nelson‘s classic crocheted strap is actually a guitar sling — a style usually seen on classical or mariachi players. Instead of connecting at the base and neck of the guitar, the sling wraps around the bottom and hooks into the sound hole.







KK Downing: The metal look is just as important as the metal sound, and Judas Priest was one of the bands that introduced that leather-and-studs style we recognize today. That aesthetic extends to every visual aspect of the band, including guitarist KK Downing’s signature Priest strap.







We also looked at some local musician's straps. Check out our photo gallery here.

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