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Hacker pleads guilty to trying to access computers at NY charity

A Florida hacker pleaded guilty in Manhattan federal court on Thursday to trying to break into computers at a New York “global charitable organization” that prosecutors have not named but court filings have suggested was the Clinton Foundation.

Timothy Sedlak, 43, of Ocoee, Florida, who was arrested in 2015, made “hundreds of thousands” of attempts to break into the computer network, disrupting the charity’s email accounts and business functions, according to the office of U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara.

When his home was raided by the Secret Service, the government said, Sedlak insisted he was researching whether charitable groups were unintentionally funding jihadist groups through contributions they made to Middle East charities.

The government has not named the charity, but an investigative report in a defense filing earlier this month that was later redacted identified Hillary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton as people Sedlak was keeping notes on.

Bharara’s office said it would not confirm the Clinton Foundation was the target. Sedlak faces up to 5 years in prison on a charge of attempting to access a computer network without authorization. Lawyers for Sedlak did not comment.

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