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Hair Bowl 2011



We asked two New York stylists to size up the Jets’ Nick Mangold and the Steelers’ Troy Polamalu in a head-to-head hairdo matchup.

From stylist Vince Smith of the Vince Smith Hair Experience:

• “Troy gets an F. He has a rugged, handsome face, [but] the hair makes him look like he has crazy eyes. He should cut it all off; if he did, he’d look hot like The Rock.”     

• “Nick gets a C and definitely has better hair than Troy. The long hair is OK because of his full face shape and thick neck. But it desperately needs to be shaped to be more flattering and sexy. Then it could look kind of like Keith Urban.” 


David Lopez of 

• “Nick Mangold scrapes by with a C+.  As a longtime advocate of men with long hair, it’s unfortunate that I can’t help but express how unflattering the length is for a man of his stature!”

• “Troy Polamalu  aces this competition with a solid A. Any man with curly hair who’s not afraid to let his naturally curly hair grow past a cropped cut deserves high praises.”


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