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Hangover cures to fix next-day ills



Overindulgence is inarguably one of the main themes of New Year's Eve. Even if you plan to take it easy, odds are you'll be hitting the bottle harder than usual on Saturday, which can lead to the inevitable post-party hangover.

While too many drinks of any kind can lead to headaches, some say what you drink can make the difference.

"The key to reducing the severity of [hangovers] is to pick your spirits wisely," said Dr. Steven Lamm, an internist, NYU School of Medicine faculty member and house doctor on "The View." "Drink vodka and gin as opposed to colored drinks like brandy, whiskey and champagne," he suggested.

Easier said than done, especially on NYE, when bubbly is practically a requirement. Luckily, a slew of products have hit shelves promising to eradicate all symptoms of a hangover - no pickle juice, egg sandwich or bloody Mary required.

Code Blue
Take it: Before, during or after drinking
A "cross-functional super drink," this zero-calorie product isn't only targeted at hangovers, but also at a variety of activities that might call for replenishment like traveling and exercise. For nights out, users are encouraged to drink it before, during or after partying - and they'll wake up refreshed and rehydrated. The drink - which comes in four flavors - is made from natural ingredients such as milk thistle, potassium, minerals, prickly pear and sea salt.

Take it: After drinking
This FDA-regulated drug claims to treat symptoms of a hangover in 15 minutes with two effervescent tablets you dissolve in water and drink the morning after a night out. Aspirin and caffeine take care of your headache, sodium bicarbonate neutralizes stomach acid and the aqueous solution helps restore water to the body. Find it at select drugstores and liquor stores or at and

Take it: Before drinking
Another drink, this one aims to prevent hangovers before they set in. A caffeine-free, natural blend of amino acids, anti-oxidants and vitamins, Mercy is formulated to replenish nutrients and jump-start the body's natural defenses, helping stave off hangover symptoms before you even take a sip of booze. It's also the only hangover-prevention drink that contains B1, a vitamin proven to help offset alcohol's negative effects. Available at select drugstores or at

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