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Help the FBI bust these 10 crooks



There are more than 8 million people living in New York City — and some of them are running from the law.

“They’re hiding out. They’re on the subways. They are among the crowds. They’re not necessarily hiding out in a safe house, per se,” said Mike Harkins, a supervisory special agent with the FBI.

The agency has nabbed nearly two dozen fugitives so far this year. Here are 10 more the feds are eager to lock up and who just might be lurking in the city. Rewards are available for information leading to an arrest. Call 212-384-1000 with tips.

Daniel Guzman
Guzman, 51, who used to work in a Washington Heights pharmacy, is accused of defrauding Medicaid out of millions of dollars by obtaining reimbursements for prescription drugs that were never dispensed. He was arrested in August 2008 but failed to appear for a January 2009 court date.

Tawan Hines and Jai Patterson
Hines, 31, and Patterson, 27, were members of a Westchester County drug-trafficking organization that provided large amounts of crack and cocaine for gangs to sell, the FBI said. Warrants for their arrests were issued in October 2009.

Moleek Sampson
Sampson, 29, was one of 78 members of the Newburgh Bloods and Latin Kings gangs who were indicted in May on charges of distributing crack cocaine, powder cocaine and heroin.

Spiro Germenis
Germenis, 38, of Flushing, allegedly operated a Ponzi scheme that bilked more than $8 million from the elderly, the handicapped and his own father-in-law. He was featured on “America’s Most Wanted” in December 2009. Germenis has not been seen since 2006.

John Star
Star, 39, allegedly ran a real estate scheme in New York from 2003 to 2007, in which he purchased properties at foreclosure auctions, transferred the properties to corporations he controled, obtained inflated mortgages and then sold the properties to straw buyers. Star was arrested but jumped bail in April, the FBI said.

Unknown bank robber
On Oct. 25, a man robbed at gunpoint a Capital One Bank branch at 35 Westchester Square in the Bronx. He is described as Hispanic, about 40 years old, 6 feet tall and 190 pounds.

Plaurent Dervishaj
Dervishaj, 38, allegedly is a member of an Albanian organized crime group. Albanian authorities have charged him with murdering a rival gang member and wounding two others in 1998. Dervishaj also is believed to have been involved in several other murders. He has ties to Staten Island; Ridgewood, Queens; and Edison, N.J.

Orit Tuil
Tuil, 39, allegedly participated in a real estate scheme in New York, in which she tricked people whose homes were in foreclosure into transferring the deeds to her. Once she had the deeds, she obtained inflated mortgages and sold the properties to other straw buyers, the FBI said. An Israeli native, Tuil used to live in the Forest Hills and Flushing sections of Queens.

Cornell Bull
Bull, 55, was a prominent member of a Colombian drug-trafficking ring that operated in Manhattan, the FBI said. The group transported and distributed hundreds of kilograms of cocaine through the New York City and Los Angeles metro areas.

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