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Here are 6 apps to help you keep track of your health

weight loss

weight loss

In this age of technological innovation, you may think all the gadgets and apps serve as a distraction from life’s important tasks. But actually many are here to help.

Need to stay motivated during a workout? Or keep track of your blood sugar or heart rate? In the hyper plugged-in time of the present, it’s easier than everto keep tabs on your health.

Apps, the Internet and even cyber physicians can help eliminate time-consuming trips to the doctor, and technology can help you stay up on your health no matter how much you’re juggling.

“These kinds of resources now create more opportunities for better health,” said David Whitlinger, executive director of the New York eHealth Collaborative. “Back in the day the only option you had was seeking help from your physician. This is going to be a new norm.”

By 2017, the market for mobile health services will likely reach $26 billion globally, with 1.7 billion people having downloaded health apps, according to a March report by mobile industry analysts research2guidance.

There are currently 97,000 mobile health apps available for download in major app stores like iTunes, according to the report. Those apps are aimed both at everyday consumers trying to keep physically and mentally fit and health care professionals who want to better monitor their patients.

New Yorker Murray Hidary founded after looking for a solution to his own workout woes: He was constantly on the go, and cramming in a workout was tough. So, he recorded his personal trainer on an MP3 player and was able to workout wherever he went. The idea eventually birthed iAmplify, a website where fitness junkies and workout newbies alike can access videos of health and fitness experts.

“It’s hard to turn off and disconnect. We all seem to have less time to take care of ourselves and be healthy,” Hidary said. “But at the same time so much is available to us now. I can access highly trained nutritionists, trainers and yoga teachers all from my phone.”

Check these apps out:

The original, catchall e-health resource has a practical app to help you figure out just what’s going on with your body. Useful features include a symptom checker, pill identifier and location-based local listings for doctors and hospitals.

Two ER doctors created this app that does everything from help evaluate the best treatment for medical conditions, find the nearest hospital and give average wait times for ERs and Urgent Care centers. You can even book appointments through it.

This app uses the power of community to help motivate your workouts. Track your workouts, earn points for keeping up with your goals, and follow other Fitocracy.

Instant Heart Rate
The purpose of Instant Heart Rate is self explanatory: This app tells you exactly what your heart rate is by using an iPhone camera to detect your pulse.

Take a Break!
Mental health is just as important as physical, so download this app to help handle your stress. The Take a Break! app will lead you on guided meditations, or let you just chill out by listening to nature sounds and relaxing music on its own.

Manage diabetes and help keep track of glucose levels with the aid of your smartphone. This app will help track your blood sugar, as well as analyzing trends and monitoring changes over time.

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