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Herman Cain: The Internet's favorite presidential candidate


cain Photo Credit: Herman Cain speaking in Ohio/Getty

Sandwiched between reports of Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain's surging poll numbers and growing popularity were two gems today.

A video this morning surfaced of the ex-pizza chain CEO-turned-presidential candidate putting his own spin on John Lennon's classic "Imagine," singing the seminal tune with altered lyrics focused on ... his deep, mildly odd love of pizza.

Some of the choice lines include: "Imagine there's no pizza, I couldn't if I tried. Eating only tacos, or Kentucky Fried," and, " You may say that it’s junk food, But to me it’s so much more. It gives my life its meaning, And it makes a lot of dough."

So yeah. There's that. (Watch below.)

But perhaps more interesting is a playful back-and-forth between Cain's camp and the makers of the videogame "SimCity," a classic of the early mid-90s that was the precursor the insanely popular "The Sims" games.

Last week The Huffington Post discovered something odd about Cain's much-discussed 9-9-9 tax plan: It already existed in "SimCity 4," which was released in 2003.

Cain adamantly denied he copped the idea from he game, saying last week on a campaign stop in Tennessee, "It's an original idea, and for people to say it's modeled after a game -- it's a lie."

But Electronic Arts, which makes the Sims games, wasn't about to miss an opportunity: It slashed the price of the SimCity games to $9.99.

"The team behind the famous city management game are having fun with this possible connection and have created this video in good natured fun," the gamemaker said.

Coincidence? Sure, maybe. Either way, I'll be spending the week reliving some the 90s and destroying my cities with tornados.

[h/t The Huffington Post]

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