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Hevesi's sentencing postponed until Monday

Democratic State Comptroller Alan Hevesi pleaded guilty in

Democratic State Comptroller Alan Hevesi pleaded guilty in December 2006 to defrauding the government by using a state employee as his wife's chauffeur. He officially resigned Dec. 22, 2006, as part of that plea deal and was barred permanently from elected office. In October 2010, he pleaded guilty to corruption in a pay-to-play scheme involving the state pension fund while he was state comptroller. In that case, he was sentenced on April 15, 2011, to 1 to 4 years in state prison. Credit: Getty Images

Former state Comptroller Alan Hevesi’s day of reckoning in his pay-to-play scandal was postponed yesterday after the disgraced politico was hospitalized on his sentencing day.

Hevesi, 71, experienced internal bleeding over the weekend while visiting his daughter and was undergoing an endoscopy, his lawyer told reporters.

He faces up to four years in prison when he’s sentenced April 4. Hevesi pleaded guilty in October to accepting more than $1 million in trips and campaign contributions from firms seeking business with the state’s plump pension coffers.

The sentencing may also have been postponed for other reasons, though. New York Supreme Court Judge Lewis Bart Stone, while insisting he could hear the case fairly, announced he would transfer the case to an administrative judge.

Hevesi’s lawyer, Bradley Simon, had demanded Stone to recuse himself because he is also the executor of the will of Simon’s father, from whom the lawyer is bitterly estranged.

Eight people have already pleaded guilty in the long running corruption probe and one – former Hevesi consultant Hank Morris – has been sentenced to serve between 16 months to four years in prison.

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