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Hollywood turning red?

Blake Lively as a redhead

Blake Lively as a redhead Credit: Getty

First Drew Barrymore ditched her signature ombre locks in favor of fiery red, and now Blake Lively seems to have traded in her va-va-voom blond for uniform ginger, as seen at Monday's Time 100 Gala at Lincoln Center. Clearly, red hair has emerged as the color for spring.

Famous gals have been doing the red thing forever (hello, Debra Messing and Julianne Moore), but it seems modern starlets have elevated the notice-me color to need-it-now status.

"Not sticking to the safety of blond or brown is what made ombre so popular. [Now] red seems to be doing the same," said Greg Pike, colorist at Ted Gibson Salon.

Lucille Ball would be proud.

Pike's tip: A general rule for keeping things natural and pretty is for blondes to stick with gold and copper tones and for brunettes to try red or violet shades.

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