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How dirty is your subway ride?

A subway car is littered by trash

A subway car is littered by trash Credit: Getty

R train riders might want to carry some disinfectant in their bags.

That line ranked the worst when it comes to cleanliness, according to the Straphangers Campaign’s annual “Shmutz” survey released Thursday.

Only 47 percent of cars checked were clean, down 4 percent from last year, and the report blamed the drop on the reduction in cleaners because of budget cuts.

“The heart of it is the 10 percent cut in car cleaners,” said Gene Russianoff, the spokesman for the Straphanger’s Campaign.  “Fewer elbows, less elbow grease.”

The MTA’s own report showed drastically different results, claiming the Straphanger’s survey was inaccurate.  

“We disagree strongly with the methodology and findings of the report,” said MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz in a statement.  “Despite reduced funding, we have managed our resources in such a way as to have minimal impact on car appearance.”

The Straphangers campaign rated 20 lines for cleanliness on both floors and seats.

Total Clean Cars:

-    Shmutz Survey: 47 percent
-    MTA Survey: 94 percent

Percentages of Clean Cars:

-    7 train: 68 percent
-    C train: 62 percent
-   M train: 61 percent
-    3 train: 59 percent
-    N train: 56 percent
-    1 train: 53 percent
-    2 train: 53 percent
-    5 train: 50 percent
-    Q train: 50 percent
-    4 train: 48 percent
-    F train: 46 percent
-    6 train: 44 percent
-    A train: 42 percent
-    L train: 42 percent
-    J train: 40 percent
-    B train: 37 percent
-    D train: 37 percent
-    E train: 36 percent
-    G train: 36 percent
-    R train: 27 percent

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