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How to fight off the holiday pounds


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Santa's not the only who has to be on guard against expanding waistlines this season.

An extra nibble here, a skipped workout there, and those additional holiday indulgences can really add up.

We talked to some of NYC's top healthy-living gurus, and got tips for counteracting those topped-off glasses of champagne - plus the experts' holiday indulgences (because they're human after all).


Indulgence: Eating more than usual
Healthy tip: Enjoy all of Grandma's special food, but eat more slowly and much less.
- Hilaria Thomas Baldwin, celebrity yoga instructor (



Indulgence: I try to stick to a piece of fruit tart or fruit pie. You're getting the nutrients and antioxidants from the fruit, even if it is a sweet treat.
Healthy tip: I do at least 45 minutes of cardio exercise. If a 45-minute block is too challenging, break your workout into a few 10-minute express workouts throughout the day.
- David Kirsch, celebrity trainer who works with Victoria's Secret Angels (



Indulgence: A slice of pumpkin pie or carrot cake.
Healthy tip: I approximate the calories of the dessert I intend to consume, then calculate how long it would take me to burn these calories. This math forces me to question how much I really want to indulge and, if I do, to really take my time and enjoy it.
- Idan Ravin, NBA trainer who has worked with Knicks Carmelo Anthony and Amar'e Stoudemire (



Indulgence: Extra wine and cheese at holiday parties and dinners.
Healthy tip: I have a healthy snack, like an apple, with a handful of raw almonds before going out. I always find that I eat and drink less after a workout, even if it is a quick one.
- Mary Helen Bowers, former New York City Ballet dancer and founder of Ballet Beautiful fitness method (


Indulgence: Coconut macaroons on Hanukkah.
Healthy tip: Use peer pressure to your advantage. Make a pact with yourself - say, one cookie per night - and then announce it to your friends and family. Encourage them to mock you relentlessly if you break your pledge.
- A.J. Jacobs, author of "Drop Dead Healthy: One Man's Humble Request for Bodily Perfection" (




Indulgence: Homemade gingerbread cookies.
Healthy tip: Get out of your typical routine and get outside, even in the cold, to move around. Go for a hike, ice skate, play in the snow with your kids.
- Julie Rice, co-founder of SoulCycle indoor cycling studios (

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