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How to get around Midtown on New Year's Eve

Times Square

Times Square Credit: Getty Images

If you're adventurous enough to hop around midtown on New Years Eve, your best bet to get where you're going will be the subway.

Here are some things to know if you plan to travel over the weekend:

- Your only option to get near Times Square on New Years Eve is the subway, since closed roads will prevent cabs and buses from moving - and walking will likely be faster than driving. Buses won't be able to run through midtown where there are street closures.

- Get to your destination early. Certain subway entrances and exits will be closed between 7 p.m. and midnight, including the northbound No. 1 stop at 50th Street and the 49th Street N/R station. Riders won't be allowed out most exits at the Times Square-42nd Street station between 10 p.m. at midnight, unless you walk to the exit on Eighth Avenue.

- After the ball drops, you should still take the subway. Bus service will resume after midnight, but only once the streets are cleared and reopened. Subway lines in and around Times Square will have trains running every 8 to 12 minutes until around 3 a.m., and the 42nd Street shuttle will run all night.

- Bus and subway service should be back to normal on Sunday, though there may be delays on some bus routes.

- On Monday, subways will run on a Saturday schedule, and buses will run on a Sunday schedule. Check for up
-to-date service status.

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