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How to obtain gorgeous post-gym hair

Oscar Blandi

Oscar Blandi Credit: Oscar Blandi

Celebrity hair stylist Oscar Blandi loves exercise just as much as he loves gorgeous hair.

An avid sportsman, his regular workout routine consists of hour-long sweat sessions four or five days a week. Give him a nice day, and he'll take it outdoors for a run or bike ride, then hit the gym for weight training and stretching. Blandi, whose clients include Kelly Ripa and Jennifer Garner, also dabbles in extreme sports: For the past two years, the fearless Italian import has been motorcycle racing and has done his fair share of skydiving.

Combining his two passions, the owner of the newly renovated Madison Avenue Oscar Blandi Salon headed over to Flywheel Sports' Flatiron location Monday for a special cycling class, after which he gave classgoers advice on obtaining great post-gym hair. amNewYork was lucky enough to join the ride and get some exclusive tips from the pro himself:

1. After a workout, towel dry hair to absorb excess sweat.

2. Depending on hair type and amount of wet perspiration, blowdry hair with cool air.

3. To begin the styling process, apply a generous amount of dry shampoo around the hairline at the front and back, center scalp and at the roots.

"I tell clients that if they exercise in the morning and are running short on time for restyling their hair, dry shampoo is definitely their best solution," he said. "You can use it after towel-drying around the hairline and throughout the hair to absorb the wet perspiration and, once hair is almost dry, sprinkle the powder into the roots to absorb the sweat produced and natural oils released during their workout."

4. To give your hair some added volume and lift, use a texturizing spray, which helps thicken the cuticle.

5. Never use an oil or wax to complete your post-workout style. These heavy products will weigh hair down and melt on warm days, leaving hair flat and frizzy. Instead, use a light polishing or glossing cream to control flyaways and add shine.

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