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'Howard Stern' writer heckles Weiner at resignation

Benjy Bronk

Benjy Bronk Credit: Getty Images

Rep. Anthony Weiner’s resignation announcement Thursday was thrown into chaos when a writer for “The Howard Stern Show” began shouting obscene questions at the congressman.

The weirdness began when many senior citizens seated in the crowd let out a collective “aw” as Weiner said he was leaving his post. Some clapped, and one man heckled, “bye, bye, pervert!”

Then Stern’s writer, Benjy Bronk, 43, who was seated with the press, rose to his feet and shouted, “The people demand to know: Were you fully erect?” referring to the infamous photo Weiner sent to a college student over Twitter that set off the scandal. Bronk addressed the congressman as “senator” several times.

Reporters politely asked Bronk to sit, and one immediately said, “Throw him out, he’s not with us,” and urged Weiner to continue.

He did, speaking over Bronk’s continuous inappropriate outbursts about Weiner’s body that drowned out the congressman.

Bronk was eventually escorted out by police, but only as Weiner concluded his remarks. As Weiner left the podium, Bronk called out once more, asking, “will you maintain your hot physique?”


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